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I was lucky enough to grow up in an Italian household with family members who cooked and baked and passed on the recipes. My memories of holidays are primarily ones of food as each year the same delicious food was served and appreciated (and changes and additions were not usually tolerated!). On this page, you will find simple recipes to incorporate into your rotation of meals from breakfast items to dinners to desserts. I did do the unthinkable and added on to traditional family dinners - and I don’t always wait for a holiday to make them! 


Italians showcase their hospitality and their affection thru the food they make. Mealtimes are a time to gather friends (old and new) and family, to pause and savor food, to make memories and traditions, to slow down, and to make connections.


As my meditation practice matures, so does my relationship with food. Mindfulness Meditation especially has increased my awareness of how certain foods make me feel - physically (hello lactose intolerance!) and mentally (food can be comforting!) and it is my wish to take you along on that journey so that you can become aware of what works for you, what doesn’t and why. 

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