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Ready or not, Summer is upon us

For those who work in a school or who have school age children it can feel like you go from the absolute craziness of the end of the school year right into the absolute craziness that is summer on Cape Cod. Regardless, we can all relate to the high energy that is summer. Cape Cod is beautiful and this is its time to shine, but add in a plethora of traffic, visitors, road work, summertime guests, and longer, more active days and it can be overwhelming even while it's wonderful and fun. It's a lot if we don't make an effort to slow things down and build in time to rest and restore our energy.

By tuning into our energy levels and incorporating more practices to keep us balanced we can temper the heat and energy of this time of the year. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the Five Element Cycle Summer is associated with the element of Fire and "is a phase of doing the utmost, of maximal energy output" (Wood Becomes Water, Gail Reichstein). Left unchecked it leaves us exhausted but in balance it leaves us feeling like we are living our days to the fullest.

I encourage you all to carve out time for your meditation and yoga practice at the beginning or end of your day to balance out this season's fiery energy....even on the days you feel like you have no time to fit it in. Perhaps it's a 5 minute meditation or 15 mins of passive Yin matter how short the time, it sets the tone for your day or for your sleep and leaves you ready to embrace all that summer has to offer.

Beach Yoga at Scorton Shores is back in session 8 to 9 am on Saturdays (with the exception of 6/26) with its balance of Yin (passive) postures and Slow Flow (yang/strengthening yoga). Click here to get more details to attend a class with these beautiful views (photo credit: Julie Hennessy who will be subbing for me July 2nd while I am away visiting family it Italy).

I look forward to seeing you sometime over the summer and hearing all about your summer adventures and get togethers. Be sure to check out my July Blog where I will share photos of beautiful Italy, summertime recipes and a sneak peek of the Fall Day Retreat I will be cohosting with Ingrid Jaeger on October 29th. Until then - stay cool, calm and open to the joy of Summer! - Dawn

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