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Give yourself space to "Take a Breath"

Self care has become a mainstream buzz word and with it a generation that has begun to put their mental health first on the "To Do List". It doesn't even have to be a big endeavor but rather just a reminder to pause and take a breather. From my perspective as a yoga teacher, it is why yoga classes have become more popular....because you put your phone in a cubby (along with your To Do list and the ability for you to be contacted) for 60-90 minutes and you sit & breathe and move & breathe...just for you and for your physical and mental benefit.

When my friend Ingrid Jaeger and I first sat to brainstorm a one day retreat it was with the intention of providing an easily accessible space where people could do just that - to "Take A Breath". We would provide guidance and instruction in modalities such as seated and walking meditation, Qi Gong, and Yin & Yang Yoga, in a beautiful, natural setting within an hour drive. Before we even advertised it or posted it, the 16 spots sold out. So there you have it....people need it....they need to take a breather.

PS Ingrid and I are in the beginning stages for another local retreat to be held in the Spring of 2023...stay tuned as we hope to have twice as many spots available.

I use my iPhone calendar a lot - for myself and for every member of our family. I have begun to put in when I am working out, practicing yoga or even just when I am walking with a friend,

effectively scheduling and blocking out time for me to take a breath, to pause and take care of my mental and physical health. This is nothing new - there have been tons of articles on how to schedule your self care time - but I am still surprised that it works so well. I encourage you all to try it and most importantly to reflect on how you feel after you engage in your self care "breathers". Just like in Yin Yoga, the more we reflect, absorb and connect the dots on cause and effect, the more we will do things that enable us to show up in the world as the best version of ourselves.

When we returned from our incredible family vacation to Italy and Paris, I paused on my yoga mat in my bedroom, unbelievably stiff and sore from walking 10+ miles a day and traveling/sitting on uncomfortable planes, trains and cars. I instinctively grabbed a yoga strap and went thru a sequence of supine Yin postures with the aid of the strap. It helped so much that I taught the sequence in my Sunday Yin class and received such positive feedback that I decided to record a video of it which I now pass along to you. Try this 35 min Yin practice - for your hips, inner thighs, low back and hamstrings as well as your nervous might be just what you need to "Take a Breath".

Here I am on a beautiful, spacious terrace outside a rental house in Liguria, Italy with an even more beautiful view, where I did indeed take many, many grateful breaths. This would be a incredible spot for a yoga retreat....who knows...maybe somed

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