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Chicken & Spinach Sauté with Garlic Toast

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

This recipe is a treasure from the past and was there when I needed it the most (give me something different that takes less than a half hour to prepare, please!!)....just like my mom is there when I need her and who is the originator of this recipe. I saved this old, worn, well used paper copy because my mom’s handwriting is so distinct and it brings me back to when she used to make this. It was no easy task making 6 people happy with a single entree but my mom managed to do it as now do I with 5 somewhat picky family members. I made a few adjustments but it tastes exactly the same - try it and see how you and/or your family likes it!

Chicken & Spinach Sauté with Garlic Toast

(takes about half an hour from chopping to serving)


2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breasts

1/2 cup flour

2 tsps paprika

3 tsps salt (divided)

4 tblsp (half a stick) of butter plus an additional 4 tblsp for toast and spinach/carrots

2 tblsp vegetable or olive oil pl thin slices (1/4 inch)

5 (or so) ounces of Fresh Baby Spinach (container or bag), washed and dry

3 carrots, peeled and sliced thin


1. Cut chicken into small cubes

2. Combine flour, paprika and 2 tsps of salt in a bowl then add in chicken - coating completely

3. Heat 2 tblsp of butter and 1 tblsp of oil in a wok (if you have one) or a large skillet pan

4. Over medium heat cook half the chicken (less if pan is crowded) approximately 5 minutes, turning chicken pieces over halfway

5. Continue cooking chicken in batches, adding butter and oil as needed until all chicken is cooked thru then transfer to a covered dish to keep warm

6. To the skillet add an additional 2 tablespoons of butter, add garlic, spinach, carrots and 1 tsp of salt - sauté until carrots are cooked to your liking

7. Meanwhile melt another 2 tblsp of butter with the additional tsp of minced garlic - spread mixture on slices of bread and toast in oven or toaster (just a minute or 2!)

8. Spoon chicken back into wok/pan and mix with spinach/carrot mixture - serve hot with toast

Serves approximately 6 people

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