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Rock Balancing

Meditation is about acceptance, about being with what is and not resisting. It is the choice to be OK with everything that’s happening. Your goal is not to react or manipulate your experience in any way. Like a grand old stone through the winter, spring, summer, and fall, you don’t move at all.

-Gillian Pransky


Meditation has been an incredible tool for me. I turned to yoga because I was an over-reactive mother and was being jerked around by my fears rather than being the mother I wanted to be. Yoga showed me the way to meditation and its practice has been invaluable to all aspects of my life. Meditation is a tool that makes the difficult parts of my life manageable and the good parts so much more joyous. I encourage you to incorporate a meditation practice - just 5 minutes most days... 

it’s a game-changer. 

Let go of tension encourage compassionOctober 2020 Meditation
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Meditation to deal with the difficult peopleOctober 2020 Meditation
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