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Hi! I'm Dawn

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The family in Cinque Terra, Italy April 2012
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My daughter Isabella making "Spunzo Family Brownies."

Hello, and welcome! My name is Dawn Spunzo, and I am a yoga teacher passionate about incorporating yoga and meditation's benefits into everyday life. Like most people, I found yoga when I needed help.


Ever react in a way that did not align with your values? In my case, it was my reactive behavior as a mother of 3 children who were REALLY good at pushing my buttons. Now when I flip out, my kids tell me to "go practice some yoga or meditate mamma." They have the right idea. These simple practices benefit and spill into your everyday life - for me, it has been life-changing and helped me be aligned with how I want to be in the world - at home as a wife and a mother, in my work, and as a human being in general. 

I'm equally passionate about good food, how it makes you feel physically and emotionally, and its ability to bring people together and create memories. There is no greater pleasure than watching both my sons and my daughter voluntarily learn to bake and cook because they want to make friends and family (and themselves!) happy and healthy.  

I look forward to sharing my love of yoga (especially Yin Yoga you can see more on this on the Yoga page!), meditation, food, and how they interact and enhance each other. This website will serve as my "homepage" with monthly samples of key yoga poses, meditation excerpts, recipes, and updates on virtual and in-person classes and workshops.


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